1. G

    It's impressive how bad Crissic got when Quadranet took over

    Multiple downtimes (this time 22 hours and counting), slow performance, packet loss... I wouldn't mind if support bothered answering tickets in a timely manner, but it's been hours since I ticketed them and they've not replied. Also interesting is that this status page says there are no...
  2. drmike

    Crissic Migrating Jacksonvile - Much Downtime Planned

    Email just went out DATACENTER MIGRATION - SERVICE IMPACTING Location: Jacksonville, FL (JAX) Date: Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 Start Time: 5:00PM EDT End Time: 3:00AM EDT Description: In order to offer better connectivity and to offer an improved level of hands-on support, your equipment is...
  3. B

    ResellerClub/OrderBox DNS down for around 6 hours

    Have been using ResellerClub mostly for the domains and their DNS has been down for around 6 hours now. 16 IP's and none of them responds. Their update: Does anyone else here rely on OrderBox DNS only. Most of my customers do...
  4. Aldryic C'boas

    04Jan Outage

    Well, that was rather annoying.  My apologies for the downtime folks - the power cable on KVM06 (which is hosting VPSB's SQL) was apparently of.. import quality: The damn thing actually burned itself up, and brought the node offline.  Fran's checking on all of the other cables now to ensure...