dual xeon

  1. ryanarp

    Dual Xeon E5620 $199/month RAM, DISK, CPU Upgrades Available

    Dual Xeon E5620: Base price: $199/mo or $169/mo with $199 setup   FREE IPv4, up to a $512/mo value! Dual Xeon E5620 (upgrade to Dual Xeon E5645 $199 one time fee) 32GB DDR-3 ECC RAM (upgrade to 96GB DDR-3 ECC RAM $199 one time fee) H/W RAID 0,1,10, or 0,1,5,6,10 can be thrown in free depending...
  2. oneilonline

    Bandwidth Sale! ** 1Gbps Uplink Unmetered Included ** Xeon E3, E5, and Dual!

    Watta Server offers 80+ CPU Types @ 28 Locations!!!   What makes Watta Server different? It is simple: we offer premium, cutting edge solutions at fantastic prices. Many believe it is not possible to get quality support and quality hardware with cheap prices: we believe it IS possible! We...
  3. oneilonline

    [] Every Day Has A Sale! Dual Xeon, E3, E5 @ Many Locations!

    Watta Server   We maintain facilities located across the US, in the UK, France, and Czech Republic to ensure the best response times and latency times. Our highly scalable network with more than 1000+ Gigabit per second network capacity has diverse paths from each of our datacenters to provide...