1. HeadVPN

    Premium VPN company for SALE !

    Hello, In case of foundation a new business, I put up my VPN service for sale. HeadVPN service was founded in 2014 and continues to this day. The main advantages of our VPN service: + Easy to Install & Use. We have prepared all necessary setup tutorial for all...
  2. drmike

    DOJ vs. Apple over Terrorist Phone

    Evolving situation with the deceased killers in San Bernadino, California.  You remember these two gems that shot up their coworkers and killed a bunch of people at a work holiday party.  Loons hiding behind the veil of Islam, may I say wrongly. Well Apple is getting a dose of the DOJ in...
  3. HN-Matt

    Parody of Diffie-Hellman

    If you're new to PHP, here is a simple parody of Diffie-Hellman expressivity using for loops to get you started. Conversion to a bash script will not be very difficult and you'll be selling 'strong' encryption in no time! :) <span style='font-family: monospace; font-size: 13px;'> <?php //...
  4. lbft

    Mozilla announces the death of unencrypted HTTP Mozilla has posted an announcement to their security blog that they are deprecating plain HTTP without encryption. They plan to do that by: Presumably nothing will happen until after Let's Encrypt's free certs are...
  5. mojeda

    Places to Get SSL Certs?

    I'm going to work on adding SSL to most/all of my websites and I'm curious to know as to what place might be the best place to get them from. I already have a couple of certs, but what other places are there? I know NameCheap, GoDaddy are resellers for Comodo, RapidSSL as well as some others.
  6. DomainBop

    PayPal Questions Legality of Encrypted Email

    statement: news article: