1. R

    CentOS 7 Cron Error - Is it normal or serious?

    Hello, Just setup my first CentOS 7 server (always used Debian until now) and after initial setup and configuration I have received in the first 24 hours of operation 2 emails separated in time by 1 minute with the following: --- FROM: (Cron Daemon) <[email protected]> SUBJECT: Cron...
  2. M

    phpMyAdmin and roundcube web mail error - Cant log in

    Im having an issue logging into the roundcube and phpmyadmin. I get an error just shows up with code. I run Centos6 on my VPS. I cant pin point the problem. here are some screenshots of the errors: phpMyAdmin:  roundcube:  I forgot about this: Mysql: 
  3. drmike

    OpenVZ server offline error - Anyone familiar with this? PAID WORK

    Have a company with an OVZ server knocked offline.   Strange error.   # vzctl umount 15019   Warning: Unknown iptable module: xt_connlimit, skipped Container is unmounted   # vzctl start 15019 Warning: Unknown iptable module: xt_connlimit, skipped Starting container... Container is...
  4. M

    SOA DNS error help

    I have an OpenVZ unmanaged VPS. Installed the control panel, LAMP stack, have the DNS and domains on the new nameservers(showing up if you go to the domains) But when i run a pingdom check i have an SOA error. Was reading that it is probably a reverse DNS issue... This is the responses I ended...