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    WebhostingUK.Com|UK Ecommerce Hosting|FREE SSL + FREE IP + 10% OFF @ £79.99 per year

    E-commerce Hosting WebhostingUK LTD has been a leading hosting provider for Ecommerce Websites, As we splecialize in SSD Web hosting which offer speed plus performance which is a must for Ecommerce website Hosting. WebhostingUK's Ecommerce is a perfect combination for someone looking to start...
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    #Australian/Canadian/European SSD Web Hosting# - from $1.17AUD - 40% OFF

    WebTech Hosts provides hosting solutions for individuals, small to medium-sized businesses and corporations, with an emphasis on providing superior customer support and building relationships. We pride ourselves on our reliability and trust securing strong business relationships with our...
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    European based Hosting or American based Hosting ?

    Which one you prefer? European based hosting or American based Hosting? In recent past we saw the trend that more people are now looking for European based hosting and not American based hosting? what do you think? Share your views.