1. V

    Obtain Likes and Follows

    I've had projects that were more widely known and less of a niche market its fairly easy to get Likes, Follows, etc... I'm wondering what is the best way to get the aforementioned for something that is more niche like VPS hosting? I get the whole having customers connect on social media but if...
  2. drmike

    Flash Finally Dead? Blame HackingTeam.

    Facebook security chief tweeted the other day:     Then a fellow over at Firefox dropped a boot on Flash   And.... Why? Cause our "friends" at HackingTeam were using TWO exploits in Flash to hack folks. (see: )
  3. HenriqueSousa - WebUp 24/7

    Reliable Node (Related Domains) + Twitter & Facebook Page + Logo

    Hello, I'm looking to sell assets related to Reliable Node, since I no longer have time to keep working on this project, here are the following assets. Domains: =========================================================== | Domain                      | Registration Date | Expiration Date |...