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Discussion in 'Operating a Hosting Business' started by VPSSoldiers, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. VPSSoldiers

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    Jul 30, 2015
    I've had projects that were more widely known and less of a niche market its fairly easy to get Likes, Follows, etc... I'm wondering what is the best way to get the aforementioned for something that is more niche like VPS hosting? I get the whole having customers connect on social media but if your current customers don't use social media (I know right who doesn't these days) what’s the best way to boost this area of advertising (and since I don't have enough money to pay $300/day for advertising on say Facebook it would need to be on the cheap to free side of things). 
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    Mar 8, 2013
    Best way would to just be active on those platforms. If you're sharing articles and relevant information you're bound to pick up some Likes and Followers here and there. I will strongly advise against 'purchasing' followers. I see many companies do this and it makes me never want to do business with them. It's pretty obvious when they've done it too.

    It'll take time but but if you're active on the platforms you will attract some genuine followers.
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  3. VPSSoldiers

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    Jul 30, 2015
    Couldn't agree more on the purchasing the followers. Doing that reminds me of the purchasing clicks to try to get a higher google ranking, but hey Only $10 for 1000 followers or if it ever goes like google did with JCPenny end up screwing you over...
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    May 13, 2013
    Hosting isn't really a social media darling regardless of how many brands mega spam to it day and night.  Lonely person in a lonely room syndrome doing such cause folks making bank on selling such are telling you to.  Social is viable, but it's a time sewer and ROI + mechanics don't work like expected.  Buying Twitter or Facebook ads, a bit more like traditional eyeball buying, but conversions (actual end side sales) aren't going to be pretty.

    Hosting just isn't fun, cool, exciting --- except for some anti social dork fringe.

    For all purposes hosting is a modern utility.  How do utilities build brand?  Directly and usually since their customers are locked into geographic footprint.

    Think of other internet utilities gone past, perhaps internet providers.  Their awareness build?   Direct mail and onsite ads as base.

    Fine, direct mail sounds outdated and expensive.  It is expensive, but compared to CPC on these networks for ads, it is more than competitive.

    Problem with all initiatives is you need to be in it for the long term ROI.   $300 spend should be part of the big picture plan. Results happen in quarters and chunks of year and in some brands a year or two.

    Building a business costs a good bit of money and ongoing initiatives must exist for marketing and related.  Easy to say $300 spend is too much for say a month.  But as a new business you are working from zero trust, zero reputation, no known personal reputation, etc.  Until you build these your brand is distrusted and mostly invsible.