1. C

    What you want to contain your VPS/KVM Client Area ?

    We are in the process of creating our own billing/customers management software and we would like your input on what features the VPS/KVM panel should contain. for exemple : firewall, addons ip , instal reinstal software, etc etc.
  2. drmike

    Tablet cases / covers that don't suck - Group recommendations requested

    Today I finally did a glass front break on an older Samsung tablet I've long used.  Just lucky shot of tablet onto cement floor. My fault since the tablet wasn't in a protective case, again.  Not the first time I've dropped a device hard on ground. Looking for group input on cases they use to...
  3. drmike

    Monitors -- Features and What YOU Recommend

    In light of the other monitor thread, let's talk about what you recommend for current monitor models. What are the features you are shopping for? What sort of connectors do you feel are mandatory? Do you prefer the matte finishes on the screen over the very common highly reflective surfaces...