Tablet cases / covers that don't suck - Group recommendations requested


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Today I finally did a glass front break on an older Samsung tablet I've long used.  Just lucky shot of tablet onto cement floor.

My fault since the tablet wasn't in a protective case, again.  Not the first time I've dropped a device hard on ground.

Looking for group input on cases they use to protect and make their tablets more useful - regardless of which tablet you have.

Seeing soooooooooooooo many import pieces of junk that finding a good case with features (rotation ability, stand up for bedside or desktop working, card holders, maybe a smartphone holder, etc.).

Anyone using an interesting case out there worth considering?


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I enjoy the Magpul case on my S3, and they also make tablet cases as well. Magpul makes great products but they generally cater to the firearms industry (stocks and furniture for firearms).

Otherwise I trust Amazon reviews when product shopping, might be worth checking those out.


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Interesting Magpul has phone cases :)

I have a decent waterproof coffin case for my Samsung phone.  Whole weird style and gloss cover on that made it about as easy to handle as a wet fish, so in a case it went week #1.

Cases out there for tablets are pretty damn blah.  Would be nice to find a portfolio intended for business that integrated place for proper writing pad + card holder + phone holder....  Lots of working folks out there and surprised by lack of products out there (assuming they are just flushed to bottom of product list by the import stuff).


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I have been a user of Poetic cases for quite a while. They are ~$10.00 on Amazon and seem to work better then most cases on the market. I have an Nvidia Shield and although I purchased the $40.00 OEM case, I still use the Poetic case, leaving the official one in the box.