1. VPN.SH

    FixedRoute - Atlanta Launch Special - Dedicated IP VPN's from $10/year

    Hey vpsBoard, At FixedRoute we're running a promotion to celebrate launching in Atlanta! This is only available for the first 100 orders, and we expect these to sell out fairly quickl! With FixedRoute, you'll get a dedicated IP VPN in your chosen location. For this offer we are providing two...
  2. VPN.SH

    FixedRoute - Cyber Monday - Dedicated IP VPN's from $1.25/month - NYC or Seattle

    Hey vpsBoard, We're running a Cyber Monday promotion over at FixedRoute, so get hold of yours before they run out! Limited stock only! With FixedRoute, you'll get a dedicated IP VPN in either New York City or Seattle. We currently have two data options: 500GB/month and 1500GB/month. These are...
  3. drmike Launching New VPN brand FixedRoute, the low cost VPN provider seen around here, and documented over time to have gone MIA, wonky, etc. is cooking up a new VPN brand: FixedRoute. The website is pretty and the launch is October 1. The FixedRoute VPN service will be available in New York and Seattle...