1. wlanboy

    Threads to collect

    Time to move some ARM threads @HalfEatenPie.
  2. F

    Website and Forum on Linux VPS

    Hello vpsboard community. I'm the owner of a small VPS I use to host a TeamSpeak Server for my Guild. I still have enough Bandwidth and Resources left on it so I would like to create and host a website and forum on it, as well as adding a custom domain. I did read some tutorials on how to...
  3. drmike

    New Forum Section for Hardware?

    Been wanting for a while to see a section to isolate all the hardware related discussions on vpsBoard.  Hoping to isolate everything from hardware used to run your hosting company, to the latest phones and tablets to new ARM devices to anything vaguely tech related in one nicely stacked forum...
  4. ICPH

    I offer forum, blog setup

    Hello, i can help with website setup. I have experience with many systems like wordpress blogging, phpbb forum, vbulletin forum, html, css and more. Example forum: Example blog: Please contact me
  5. Marc M.

    Cool Hosting Related Domains - ends in .io, .ch, .com, .net, .org and .info

    This is not an auction, just a "buy it now" type of listing. hostingwat (_dot_) ch - BIN $25 - Registrar, expires 04/30/2014 Thank you for checking this out.
  6. wlanboy

    Raise the message limit

    Hi MannDude I wanted to write you a message but it looks like your message box is full. The following errors were found The member MannDude cannot receive any new messages Maybe we should raise the message limit in this forum?
  7. wlanboy

    Sub forum for "searching a vps" posts

    Sometimes you are searching for a specific vps and do not find a offer suitable for your needs. I remember a lot of "searching a vps in [x] with [y]". Should we have a separate place for seekers?