1. RombelIrk

    Is VPS ok to host a game server?

    I would like to run a CounterStrike server on a VPS, is it okay or I should better think of a dedicated server for this purpose? Thank you.
  2. OSTKCabal | Game Server Hosting | Minecraft @ $6 / GB | Source @ $0.95 / Slot | Rust @ $0.20 /

    Ready2Frag operates as the gaming and performance VPS branch of HostVenom, LLC. and operates under a DBA of HostVenom, LLC. in New York. We are proud to boast that we own our own hardware and IP space. All servers are colocated in our suite in downtown Chicago, IL. We utilize the Steadfast...

    Revolutionising the game industry

    Yo, I need your input on an idea to revolutionize the video game industry: A website/app/hub that’ll connect the entire gaming world together, so all gamers can easily play games with each other, by discovering which multiplayer matches are available for all video games. Rather than inserting a...
  4. acd

    What's in your computer junk?

    Looking for an SFF-8087 cable, found this instead. Antediluvian IDE disk? I wonder what's on it. Fortunately, I found a Promise IDE host adapter with it, but alas, no cable. What random computer bits do you have lying around you should have tossed long ago?
  5. concerto49

    Anyone Deadpool?

    I mean looking to play the game :)