Is VPS ok to host a game server?


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I would like to run a CounterStrike server on a VPS, is it okay or I should better think of a dedicated server for this purpose? Thank you.


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it will truly depend upon the instance you will run of the VPS and resource required for the game you will run on the VPS. To be true dedicated server resource are always better over VPS for gaming applications.


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I'm assuming you're talking about CSGO?

I used to run a medium network of CSGO servers.  There's a fairly in-depth approach to running an efficient CSGO server.

However, most of the time for average use I'd recommend a minimum of 2 CPU cores and 1 GB RAM.  Dedicated.  This is for a basic 10 man game server. 

Anything beyond that, you'll want more resources.  512MB RAM with 1 CPU core can work as well, however that's the "bare minimum" you'll need for a 10 man game server without a whole lot of NPC/bots.  


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Depends on how big your game server is.

You also can get cheap dedis already at like $30 at places like QuadIX and such.


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I would like to run a CounterStrike server on a VPS, is it okay or I should better think of a dedicated server for this purpose? Thank you.

I agree with technowix here. It greatly depends on  provider, the cpu power and the "overselling ratio.



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depends on the size of gaming server, if it will to busy than highly recommend to get a dedicated server, please note some with game you will get DDOS attacks and not all providers will host your gaming server.


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Most providers will host gaming servers, CPU speed is most important. 

The OS you use is also important. Windows Servers use more RAM then Linux based.


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Completely agree with the suggestions others have given you. It really depends on the requiremens that must be met in order to run the game properly. If the requirements fall under what a VPS can cover then you can run the game but it would also be a good idea to invest in a dedicated server. Now a days you can find some very inexpensive options.


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Depends upon the following factors

- Game Server Requirements

- How many users are present on a single VM node (Try not going for OpenVZ VPS's as they are easily oversold, KVM / XEN are good platforms)

- What kind of Node you are on. Many new providers are currently using E3-1230v1 ( This is a 6 year out dated CPU and to top it off they are using OpenVZ with it which isn't very much capable of proper resource allocation. )


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it all honestly depends on what you intend to run how many players any additional plugins or mods for the game like everyone says here for a personal server you will easily be able to run on a vps but if its a big clan server for example then dedicated would be the best way to go it 100% falls down to what you require


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VPS is not preferable as the hardware is shared among VPS clients and if anything wrong happened like resource use or so then you might get suspended, so it would be great to go with Dedicated Server

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It is depend upon VPS configuration that are required for the game you want to run on VPS. I would suggest dedicated server resources are better than VPS configuration. Game would be run smoothly on dedicated server. 


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In my experience Dedicated Hardware is always best for Gaming Server.

This also means that contention ratios are not an issue in peak times and you eliminate the chances of getting your resources throttled.


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Gaming just sucks for most providers.  It can be high on resource abuse, and definitely gets lots of packet therapy (DDoS)..

Many VPS providers prohibit such servers on VPS.  You must read Terms of Service / similar before buying.

There are scores of cheap dedicated servers these days and probably best option.

Alternatively KVM virtualization can work so long as it isn't overloaded like average OpenVZ server and where company actually monitors the environment and deals with abuse proactively.


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It depends on the vps server specs and what the software requires

generally a vps is cheaper than a dedicated server so if you can find a cheap vps with the proper specs

you will save money.
NO, A single VPS Server can't handle so many games as they eat too much CPU.Better go for a dedicated server & increase your budget as you need a powerful CPU to host so many games on a single server.

What is VPS Server?
VPS Server is a virtual private server, is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers may have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.


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VPS is the cheapest and most efficient way of running your game. if you have heavy users then a dedicated server with moderate configuration is suggested to start with VPS is good.


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I would never host game servers on a VPS. VPS's do not have direct access to some/most of the hardware, and a lot of CPU instructions are emulated by the host node. You'll end up with lots of latency and poor performance.