1. wlanboy

    Running an ipv6 only vps behind cloudflare

    Cloudflare changed the dashboard (so the old way on lowendspirit forums does not work any longer).  Now the ipv6 mode is set to the old "Full mode" by default. DNS Settings:[mydomain] And the new ipv6 settings: Including the ipv4 to ipv6 gateway. Both...
  2. drmike

    Open Source Firewall / Gateway Recommendations

    Been a number of years since I last had a nice open source gateway device in place.    Used IPCOP prior and really liked it.  Was good for segmenting LAN, like throwing insecure stuff in a VLAN, wifi on another VLAN, etc. Going back to using something similar since time to segment experiments...
  3. gbshouse

    Rage4 announces public availability of managed anycast gateway service

    Rage4 is proud to annouce public availability of Rage4 ANY, managed anycast gateways service. Everyone can extend their geodistributed setup with anycast IP announced in three most popular locations - Los Angeles, New York and Amsterdam. All IPs are DDoS protected in cooperation with Staminus...