Rage4 announces public availability of managed anycast gateway service


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Rage4 is proud to annouce public availability of Rage4 ANY, managed anycast gateways service. Everyone can extend their geodistributed setup with anycast IP announced in three most popular locations - Los Angeles, New York and Amsterdam. All IPs are DDoS protected in cooperation with Staminus, additionally Rage4 ANY offers HA support - each user can connect up to 255 servers per IP.

Standard price per IP is 25€/month with 25GB traffic included. Additional traffic is 0.10€/GB. It's possible to get larger subnets (up to /25) with additional discount.

If you are interested or have any questions feel free to drop us a mail office [ at ]
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Like $31.36 USD for base and 25GB + 13 cents per GB.

100GB at this rate would be ummm $31.36 + 9.75 = $41.11

1TB at this rate would be $31.36 + 126.75 = $158.11.


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BuyVM doesn't have POPs per se, they have VPS gear in three data centers (Nevada, New Jersey, and Luxembourg).   If I understand it right, you can get a VPS at each location at their regular VPS price (starts at $15/year per VPS, ddos protection costs extra), and then choose to put all three on a single anycast IP address.  This is announced in another thread but not yet available.

I'm not sure I understand the rage4 product -- is it basically an anycast proxy with geolocation, going to servers that you supply yourself?  Are there similar offerings from Cloudflare and OVH?