1. DomainBop

    GoDaddy Enters The Hourly Billing Cloud Market

    GoDaddy has launched an hourly billing cloud platform targeted to developers to compete with AWS, DO, et al.  Pricing and plans are similar to Digital Ocean (20 GB, No more than $5.00 /month ($0.0074 /hour) ,512MB Memory, 1 CORE Processor, 20GB SSD Disk, 1TB Transfer).  KVM virtualization...
  2. J

    What domain registrar you use

    Hi all, What domain registrar do you use?  Any of you have experience with freenom? The free domain registra offering .tk .ml and other domain names for free? Also about whois protection, namecheap only offer free whois protection for first year,. Which provider have free whois protection or...
  3. drmike

    i7 12/24 Core Server? Godaddy

    Someone sent me an interesting piece from GoDaddy.  Their cPanel hosting namely.  Xeon i7 12 cores / 24 with hyperthreading. Is this a real server?  
  4. W

    GoDaddy falls for hacker's social engineering

    Slightly old in internet terms but thought you all would find this interesting: