1. Awmusic12635

    [HIRING] Guide / Tutorial Writers For Knowledgebase

    Subnet Labs is looking for technical writers to write and submit unique guides and tutorials to expand our knowledgebase.  Requirements: Must be written in correct English with proper grammar Must be fully unique and cannot have been posted elsewhere Must be on a topic not already posted...
  2. HalfEatenPie

    Observium - Monitoring Server and Client Installation Tutorial

    There are a wide range of server and network monitoring software available out there. Just to name a few, you have Munin, Nagios/Icinga, Zabbix, PRTG, and of course ServerStatus by Mojeda and Mun. All those alternatives are fantastic. I could talk about the key benefits of every single...
  3. MannDude

    Linux VPS cheat sheet. Linux commands for CentOS/RHEL and Ubuntu/Debian

    Figured this thread could be a handy resource for everyone at all skill-levels. Sometimes you just want to copy and paste a command you've used a hundred times (DD-tests, for example) or are just having a brain fart and forgot how to do something. Well... this thread is for you, my friend! Let's...
  4. mikho updates

    Good evening members of this forum! As you might have noticed from my signature I write and maintain a site called The reason for this post is that I updated the theme and layout of the page today/tonight (and it's really late). I have a tendency to miss the most obvious when...
  5. ElliotJ

    How To Contact Support, Properly.

    Many a time we've seen threads arise due to 'poor support' and slow turnaround times. Whilst there's the unavoidable fact that the provider can be slow to respond, it's always a good idea to make their understanding of your problems as clear as possible. Keep the upper hand by giving them all...