[HIRING] Guide / Tutorial Writers For Knowledgebase


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Subnet Labs is looking for technical writers to write and submit unique guides and tutorials to expand our knowledgebase


  • Must be written in correct English with proper grammar
  • Must be fully unique and cannot have been posted elsewhere
  • Must be on a topic not already posted (series are allowed)
  • Screenshots or terminal output provided
  • Proper descriptions given and fully explained
  • Must be Linux based
To get an example of what we are expecting you can visit the knowledgebase: http://impactvps.com/knowledgebase/

Articles will be posted under your name and you will be given credit.


$25 per article (via paypal) or $50 account credit

Contact alex[at]subnetlabs.com with any questions or to submit an article


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Good to see a shop investing more in their client support materials.  Good luck with this!


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