1. Ben-SupportSages

    Quasi dedicated support plans starting from $299 per month

    Introducing Quasi Dedicated Support solutions from SupportSages We always take pride in offering quality support at affordable prices (giving excellent value to the businesses), and in many pre-sales enquiries , we were being asked for semi-dedicated plans because of the expectation of...
  2. M

    Looking for Work

    Hello, I'm currently looking for work after being laid off from my prior employer. I can do pretty much everything from L1, up to L2 support. I can do tickets, chats, and phones. I'm located in Richmond, VA and am open to remote work as well and am able to work most shifts. I'm fine with doing...
  3. Hxxx

    In search of a good helpdesk (self hosted)

    In search of a good helpdesk (self hosted) What do you use?  Not necessarily hosting oriented.
  4. drmike

    GreenValueHost outsources customer support to India.

    I've been watching the drama and incessant offer bombing from GreenValueHost over the past few weeks (over on that OTHER site) ..... These 30-100TB bandwidth plans with a dedicated server worth of RAM and upwards of 300GB of disk have my face bruised from facepalming. GVH = CC.  No doubt.  ...