1. wlanboy

    How do you run your homepages?

    For me planning a homepage does include three steps: plattform framework management I would like to discuss what current options are available for these topics. Basically if I am still on the right path. Back to the topic: Management Do I need a GUI for creating content...
  2. wlanboy - how it started

    So this is the short story about - a twitter archive dedicated to vps providers. Twitter and all other social services are banned on work so I needed a remote twitter client. Main reason was about missing campaigns. Yup - I missed some good coupon codes and therefore wanted...
  3. wlanboy

    My private space

    This thread is all about posting private homepages. Maybe some other board members might run a homepage on their vps too. I am looking forward for links. So I will start with - tweeter archive. . All done in Ruby running on a Thin cluster living on a 96MB vps from ServerDragon...