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This thread is all about posting private homepages. Maybe some other board members might run a homepage on their vps too. I am looking forward for links.

So I will start with - tweeter archive.


All done in Ruby running on a Thin cluster living on a 96MB vps from ServerDragon.

The MongoDB is running on a Ramnode SSD vps.

Main purpose: Twitter archive of all vps related twitter accounts.

Twitter and all other social services are banned on work so I needed a remote twitter client. After some time a search/RSS feed was added too.

PS: If a twitter account is missing - just PM me. I don't want to miss one.
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Not all that 'private' if it's publicly accessible :p. Maybe 'personal' would be a better term?


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Result of posting the domain:

  • 2x cross site request forgery
  • 3x session hijacking
  • and of course someone (@acd ;) ) tried && rm -Rf /
All without any impact but I really love the people who just want to test my webpage by trying to delete my database or disk :mellow: .
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