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  1. dataplugs

    Hong Kong Dedicated Server | | Singles’ Day Offer: EXTRA HK$1,111 OFF|

    Dataplugs is one of Asia’s largest web hosting providers in Hong Kong. We have 10 years of dedicated experience in Web Hosting, Dedicated Server and Colocation. All Dedicated Server Plans Include: - 24/7 Support and Monitoring - No Setup Fee - Full Root Access -...
  2. HalfEatenPie

    Hong Kong VPS or Dedicated Server - Sunnyvision

    Hiya! So back again with this request. I'm looking for a VPS or a dedicated server in Hong Kong within Sunnyvision networks.   I love the network they have there and it's stable.  However I'm looking for something that's more reliable (provider wise).  Anyone have any suggestions or...
  3. HalfEatenPie

    Hong Kong VPS or Dedicated Server

    Howdy folks! I'm interested in looking for a Hong Kong VPS or a Dedicated Server. For the VPS, around 4 cores with 4 GB RAM and 80 GB HDD would be appreciated. No New Media Express network please (so that crosses out Dediserve). Oh also, no OpenVZ or any container virtualization please.  The...