1. drmike

    Hostress Closing? Dumps former GVH customers.

    Email just received:  Dear Valued Customer,   We regret to inform our GVH customers that we can no longer serve you.  The model that the previous company had was not profitable and we can no longer float the debt.  At this time the servers are defaulted with our provider and will not be...
  2. MannDude

    Any other Hostress customers migrated from Chicago to Buffalo with no notice?

    From: Has anyone heard from @tdale recently or been migrated without notice? Looking at their WHMCS notices I don't see any announcement.
  3. tdale

    Hostress has expanded to Los Angeles, CA with Native IPv6!

    Hello, has been offering services in Dallas, TX and has now expanded to Los Angeles, CA!  We have obtained services directly from Quadranet in Los Angeles, CA using their Asia optimized network with native IPv6. New services are being provisioned immediately with both IPv4 and...