1. drmike

    Softether CLI howto for drop in OpenVPN replacement

    Anyone have personal notes or aware of a working how-to out there for Debian and derivatives that covers Softether installation? Looking for how-to that does pedestrian VPN setup as a replacement to OpenVPN.  Nothing fancy.  Only requirement is all CLI as doing this with servers and no GUI or...
  2. P

    How To Force SSL Always Using HTACCESS

    If you want to force SSL everyone on your website just add these rules to a .htaccess file the htdocs (www) root of your webserver. Hint: This also works on subdomains, just put it in the root of the folder at which the subdomain is pointed to.
  3. drmike

    Smokeping installation How-to or Tutorial for Debian?

    Looking for a current Debian Squeeze install how-to or tutorial. Smokeping is a latency monitor for TCPIP available devices: Anyone have such a thing they can point me to?
  4. drmike

    OwnCloud Nginx install for Debian

    Does anyone have an OwnCloud + Nginx tutorial that works with current Debian version and standard installation image? Someone recommend an installation that has worked fine lately.  Yes, I want to get familiar with OwnCloud this weekend when I have some deserved down time.