1. Aldryic C'boas

    Dangers of IRC

    One of our clients learned today why exchanging links isn't the best of ideas >_>  On a semi-related note, I just received a text from the regional VP: "Please stop neighing during conference calls.. you're scaring the board"
  2. NodePacket

    NodePacket LLC - ***70% OFF*** - SSD VPS - 1GB Port - 150GB RAID10 **Crazy Savings**

  3. wlanboy

    Searching for IRC channels of providers

    After rediscovering mailbox systems I also try to reflate my IRC activities. My current list: #BlueVM #HostUS #vpsboard #lowendbox So what vps related IRC channels are available? Any net/chan I should add?
  4. terafire -- OpenVZ and KVM VPS -- Starting @ 7/mo

    [topic discontinued]
  5. A

    Does this place have and IRC # ?

    Does this place have an irc channel, if so details please, if not get it sorted within 24 hours please?