1. V

    ISPConfig3 - creating accounts faster

    I've been using ISPConfig3 for a while now. It kinda got annoying everytime I had to add a new domain to VPS, where I would have to manually add an associated client, FTP account, DB, Db account, email domain, email username. I decided to script stuff up and have a simple web form where I would...
  2. fahad

    Quota Problem in Ispconfig-3 in Ubuntu-12.04(32bit) in OpenVZ VPS

    I have followed This Link to install . Everything was ok but that 16.Install PureFTPd And Quota is not working . Specially Quota . FTP is ok but quota is not . I get Unlimited in user/website quota !! When i checked /etc/fstab , Found ; proc /proc proc defaults 0 0 none...