1. eslabs

    LEMP stack management with LEMPer for VPS/cloud server

    Hi there, I'd like to introduce my private project, a yet another LEMP stack management tool, namely LEMPer. LEMPer stands for Linux, Engine-X (Nginx), MariaDB and PHP installer written in Bash script. LEMPer is terminal-based LEMP stack manager for Linux (currently support Ubuntu-based) cloud...
  2. A

    Web performance (E3 or E5)

    Hi, I can't decide which "option" should I choose. I was looking into RamNode's offer and I can see that they offer E3 and E5 running VPS's. I know that there won't be much of difference but still I was kinda curious in terms of web performance which one would be a better solution in terms of...
  3. vanarp

    What is your favorite LAMP or LEMP script for VPS?

    Appreciate you sharing more details along with voting. This might be quite useful to a lot of people.