1. tdale

    LET Down?

    Hey, Just noticed when i tried to access the url i get this wonderful screen.....
  2. drmike

    LET Q1 2014 Top Provider Poll Results

    Unofficial, as they voted totals for LowendTalk's Q1 2014 Top Provider Poll: +--------+-------+--------------------+----------------+ | points | votes | name | averagevote | +--------+-------+--------------------+----------------+ | 280 | 107 | RamNode | 2.616822429907 | | 147 | 54 | Prometeus...
  3. drmike

    MannDude banned from LET?

    What is going on over on LET?  See MannDude's account is disabled, but his posts still showing. What happened Curtis?  You poke them with your kosher stick about the Iran, Irun, we flip the US Treasury Department stuff again :) ? Aren't we all overdue on demanding our content/contributions be...
  4. NodeBytes

    LET is back...

    while it may be back it's quite ugly looking, IMO.
  5. vRozenSch00n

    I'm not sure about this, but I think LET got hack again

    I was browsing LET a while ago and suddenly all discussions disappeared. Then my user name gone. :(  
  6. Marc M.

    LowEndTalkin' - LET is back - sort off - check it out!

    Alright, so after some thinking and thinkering I've set up LowEndTalkin' for the folks who miss the layout of LET and Vanilla Forums. You can check it out here: Who's running this? Well me, MannDude (who's also running this forum), Jarland, Nick_A, KBeezie and MitGib...
  7. Noerman

    LET is BACK

    Just trying to visit LET, and its UP. Going to check something first there.
  8. xmob

    Protecting New Users From Themselves

    It's a safe bet that there's going to be an exodus of biblical proportions of users from LET to here. Considering that the LET user database has been compromised, what do we know of the hashing algorithm/salts used on LET?  I don't know enough about IPB, but is it possible to create a plugin...