I'm not sure about this, but I think LET got hack again


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Everything is... back?

LOL, they restored a backup. Seriously?
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Not too sure I thought fourth and then all the posts dissapeared so who knows.

Not too confident will be the last either, guess time will tell


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Apparently only latest posts and any uploaded files are deleted. My latest password works fine.


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Yes they were hacked again, some people had admin access but it's restored again.


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They banned allot of us who moved to VPSBoard by IP address, which is fairly easy to do with Nginx.

Now they moved to Rackspace and enabled CloudFlare. The problem is that Vanilla Forums doesn't work well with CloudFlare (and that one module that exists for Vanilla to make CloudFlare work is broken), so all they see now when anyone logs in is their own IP address for each member.

It's one of the reasons why I took down Vanilla isn't very good software, that's it.


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Honestly I was amazed that LET handled the traffic it did with Vanilla.. I played with it for a while and other then the layout I was far from impressed.