1. drmike

    TeslaCrypt Ransomeware Rampant Today via Ad Networks

    Today there is a mega ton of ransomware infecting going on.  Malware payloads are being pushed all over the place via ad networks and it's YUGE.  Ransomeware is simple, it encrypts your files and holds them hostage.  To get your data back, you pay the robbers via Bitcoin to reverse the mess...
  2. DomainBop

    LinuxMint WordPress Gets Hacked, ISO Downloads Infected With DDoS Bot

    The hacking of LinuxMint's site is yet another example of why lazy idiots who are running outdated WordPress installs with multiple critical vulnerabilities need to update their sites regularly (hosting industry examples are WP v3.5.1, lowendbox v 4.3.1, Quadranet CEO's...
  3. howardsl2

    A Useful List of Recent Malware Caught on VPS Server

    Hello all, I have taken the time to compile a list that summarizes recent malware caught in my Kippo SSH Honeypot. The honeypot was deployed on servers at multiple locations. Attackers downloaded these files after breaking into the honeypot, and tried to run them immediately. Therefore, they...
  4. drmike

    FBI lures Tor Users with Malware

    FBI Admits Control of Malware-Spewing Tor Servers ...malware attack on the Tor network used a Firefox exploit to send the personal data of Tor users to an IP address in Reston, Virginia.  FBI's "computer and internet protocol address verifier" (CIPAV) spyware iniatiative.... a new Wired report...
  5. M

    Google's New Malware Dashboard: Incero's on the Top 10

    I was checking out Google's new Malware Dashboard when I found this: Looks like someone needs to go through and do some cleaning!  Check the link earlier though, the malware dashboard is a pretty nice tool!