1. Y

    VPS and dedicated deals from PixelHosting at cheap prices

    PixelHosting We offer Game, Web, Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers in different packages. Why PixelHosting? Fast enterprise hardware! Pterodactyl panel for Game hosting Cheap 24/7 support Low ping Dutch location Our services: Minecraft Java from € 0.90 per month Minecraft Bedrock from €...
  2. Francisco

    [PAID] Need a minecraft/gameserver hosting design

    Hello everyone! For those that don't know, we recently purchased a gameserver brand that specializes in Minecraft - The design came in the deal (couldn't opt out of it either >_>) and much like the BuyVM site, it's terrible and really needs a face lift. My usual go-to...
  3. OSTKCabal | Game Server Hosting | Minecraft @ $6 / GB | Source @ $0.95 / Slot | Rust @ $0.20 /

    Ready2Frag operates as the gaming and performance VPS branch of HostVenom, LLC. and operates under a DBA of HostVenom, LLC. in New York. We are proud to boast that we own our own hardware and IP space. All servers are colocated in our suite in downtown Chicago, IL. We utilize the Steadfast...
  4. P

    [Minecraft] How to install & fully secure Multicraft control panel.

    Tutorial on how to install multicraft control panel (CentOS 6-64 bit) SSH into root and begin:   yum install nano   And disable SELinux: Code: setenforce 0   Installing MySQL 5:   To install MySQL, we do this:   Code: yum install mysql mysql-server   Then we create the system...
  5. B

    VPS help request: Minecraft (3/4 users) VPN (xbox live).

    Hi All, After months of lurking (sounds horrible that...) both on LEB before the 'fall out' & then on here, I've finally got round to my first post :) I notice that many of the LEB crowd that I got to 'know' have migrated over here & so I thought here was a good place to start. Here goes: I'm...
  6. S

    Minecraft & Terraria Related Domains

    I have a few Minecraft and Terraria related domains for sale. All offers will be considered, but nothing under $50 please. Payment via PayPal or Amazon GC
  7. Naruto

    Need SSD Dedi

    I am fully aware that finding this sort of deal within my budget is highly unlikely. This is for my Bukkit Minecraft server. Impress Naruto.   Type: Dedicated. Tired of sharing. CPU: Any quad over 3Ghz. RAM: 8GB DDR 3. Disk: SSD Port: 100Mbps is fine. Budget: $60 max. <-Don't laugh at...
  8. B &

    I've got two gaming-related domains up for grabs! --- Registered: September 20, 2012 Expires: September 20, 2013 Registered: June 13, 2012 Expires: June 13, 2014 --- Auction ends on June 22 at 6:00 pm PST Starting bid of $7 with minimum increments of $1...