[PAID] Need a minecraft/gameserver hosting design


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Hello everyone!

For those that don't know, we recently purchased a gameserver brand that specializes in Minecraft - http://minerack.org/

The design came in the deal (couldn't opt out of it either >_>) and much like the BuyVM site, it's terrible and really needs

a face lift. My usual go-to designer is backed up worse than [insert constipation joke here], so i'm bringing it here

in hopes of seeing it completed within the next 2 months.

Here's a few pointers:

1) The whole site should require no more than 2 - 3 pages total, assuming you create some easy to use content pages that

we can reuse. We're not looking for someone to paint the Mona Lisa of websites for us, we're looking for something

clean, nice flowing, & easy to expand on down the road.

2) While the brand specializes in minecraft for now, down the road if we decide to bring in more games we'd like to be

able to incorporate them without it looking out of place.

3) Bootstrap is fine but it should be used as just a framework, not "I put some standard minecraft green/browns into

a bootstrap CSS generator, bam, done!".

4) While i'm not against using wordpress as the basis, I'm not exactly a huge supporter of it. I don't think the front

page and such is going to change enough to justify that kind of corner cutting. Prove me wrong.

Last but not least...

5) I do not like 'sharp edges or corners' in my designs. This means that I don't much care for random chunks of

'abstract art' that was done in 3 seconds in 3DSMAX to try to fill space.

Unless you're well known, have a solid portfolio, etc, we will not be putting down retainers for this. We've

been screwed out of way too much cash over the years (especially from some big time designers like Harzem).

Budget: ~$500 but with room to wiggle.

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Harzem became very good at Minecraft site designs. He does impressive looking stuff for the kids to look at.


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I'm sorry, but the old site was about 4x better than whatever is uploaded now.

The current design is bland, and very, very "default bootstrap"-y.

That's not to be a troll, it's just my honest opinion. You could get a much better site for $500.

Case in point, our site @ http://ready2frag.com/ costed us around $500.
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