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    VMware ESXi control panel | VPS Management & Bandwidth Monitoring | AutoVM

    AutoVM Platform AutoVM is an open source platform to manage virtual machines(VM) on VMware ESXi virtualization. It allows VPS providers to manage full automation of support and sales process. AutoVM platform is a good choice for hosting companies or VPS providers to increase their service and...
  2. ModulesGarden

    Introduce The Excellence Of SolusVM Into Your WHMCS With ModulesGarden

    Hi guys! We are happy to announce a double release of our SolusVM Extended modules designed for WHMCS! SolusVM Extended VPS For WHMCS will enable you to automate the provisioning of virtual private servers and allow your clients to remotely manage a single, predetermined VPS server per...
  3. ModulesGarden

    ModulesGarden IP Manager For WHMCS 1.8 & New SolusVM Extended VPS + Cloud + Reseller!

    We are proud to announce the last BIG release in 2014. And the word BIG is just not enough! We really wanted to finish this year with something extra and enter the upcoming 2015 with peace of mind. Yesterday we promised you some real fireworks and you shall have it! Let's begin with...
  4. ModulesGarden

    Upcoming updates of SolusVM Extended VPS & Cloud For WHMCS modules - share your thoughts

    Hello! In December we are going to release upadates of SolusVM Extended VPS For WHMCS and SolusVM Cloud Extended For WHMCS. Versions 1.4 in fact. If you have any ideas or feedback, just let us know. The better we understand your needs, the better our modules will be. We can not promise that...
  5. ModulesGarden

    ModulesGarden Proxmox VPS 1.3 For WHMCS With Tons Of New Features!

    ModulesGarden Proxmox VPS For WHMCS allows you to automatically provision virtual servers to your customers who can manage them directly from your WHMCS client area. Module also contains Proxmox Addon where you can monitor & manage your servers, IP addresses and clusters. Version 1.3 contains...
  6. ModulesGarden

    ModulesGarden OpenStack VPS For WHMCS – Easy Automation Of VPS Provisioning

    We are proud to announce the release of long-awaited module that has won 1st ModulesGarden Module Contest with the vast predominance of all votes! The victorious module is called OpenStack VPS For WHMCS and it will let you to automatically provision virtual servers to your customers. The module...
  7. Kokaku Kidotai

    OpenNebula Reseller Module?

    Hello everyone, It is the first time that I've come in touch with OpenNebula SunStone cloud control panel for VMs. I have to create multiple VMs and assigned them  to their own account but I'm just a client (not a administrator or so). So I've been wondering if OpenNebula has something like a...
  8. ModulesGarden

    OpenStack module for WHMCS

    Today ModulesGarden started the work on the module that has won our Modules Contest, a contest where everyone were able to vote and choose which module we should create and release. OpenStack module for WHMCS received 38% of votes and therefore has won the contest! This module will handle...