1. sales@letsIDC.COM

    V&WEB Cpanel web Hosting From 7.9/month - MySQL

    Are you still looking for Web Hosting? Check here! We provide the greatest and finest price of Web Hosting on V&Web. With these advantages: ★ Providing US/China web hosting ★ CDN can be equipped ★ Guaranteed 99% uptime ★ Free SSL ★ 24/7 support...
  2. P

    Can I run python with php accessing the same mysql database/table at the same time?

    Hello , sorry for the confusing title ,I do not speak english as my first language.(and also sorry if the topic does not fit here) Problem background: I just want to create a website as a competitive program grader for my school. Like complie and run source code on the server. So below is my...
  3. DomainBop

    MySQL 5.5 5.6 5.7 0day

    CVE issued this morning : detailed: Percona has already issued patches.  Most other vendors however: not yet.
  4. T

    Can someone help with...

    Hello. I have a NAT IPv4 VPS from LES and I need to do a couple of things. Those include, install LightHTTPD or Nginx to use port 80 as I have my domain proxied to my VPS, install MySQL or an lightweight alternative and install PHP or a lightweight alternative. I also need to set up a Teamspeak...
  5. MannDude

    Lost your MySQL root password? Here is how to reset it via SSH.

    I recently needed the MySQL root password on a server of mine to complete a task but had misplaced it and was unable to locate it. Thinking that I had seriously goofed up I was worried. Luckily, resetting the password was surprisingly simple. All you will need is root access to your VM and...
  6. EricGregory

    Boost MySQL efficiency by adding an index.

    One of our admins, Kevin Quinn took some time to do a nice write up about increasing the efficiency of MySQL by adding an index.  So far, it's been pretty well received.  We just posted it up yesterday, so head over and have a peek if you'd like.  As always, any comments or feedback are...
  7. raindog308

    MySQL or Pg in the cloud (as a service)?

    I need a database in the cloud.  I have various VPSes and I'd like to coordinate the jobs they run, so I thought I'd have each write to a central DB.  I'd also like to store config, capacity planning, etc. data there.  Small stuff - probably less than 500M for a long time.   MySQL (or Maria)...
  8. splitice

    High performance remote message processing with rsyslog

    Warning: A bit of a ramble. Over the years on multiple occasions I have had to write software that takes messages sent from one server (remote) and does something (e.g insertion into a database or executing some script etc). This tutorial/guide will cover my current implementation and include...
  9. fahad

    Piwik "Load Data Infile"

    I have been using piwik for some time and i got that super useful. Except one error i get in System Check. I am just curious what does it says..... What is that Thing and how to solve this ? Note:That Database user is not root,created by ispconfig.
  10. eva2000

    Google migrating to MariaDB MySQL !

    MariaDB news - woah huge news it seems Google is also migrating to using MariaDB MySQL server just like Centmin Mod already has by default installed MariaDB ! Centmin Mod users are in good company with the likes of other...
  11. eva2000

    Centmin Mod v1.2.3 Install + Setup Guide

    About time I posted a quick guide for installing Centmin Mod so here it is :) Centmin Mod v1.2.3 background info Requirements: Fresh CentOS 6.x based 32bit or 64bit installation (CentOS minimal ISO recommended) Minimum 256MB memory available. With...
  12. drmike

    Smallest MySQL install my.cnf ... Anyone?

    Anyone using/have/recommend a very small my.cnf config for 128MB or less RAM server? Know the topic has been punted around here and there.   Never bookmarked and/or tried one.  Today is one of those days to experiment. Anyone have one?
  13. D

    Setting up development environment for PHP+MySQL using VirtualBox

    Hi peeps, I just posted a tutorial about Setting up development environment for PHP+MySQL using VirtualBox on a PC machine. Maybe someone will find it helpful: