1. drmike

    Namecheap is doing 88 cent alternative domain promotion

    Special right now on alternative domains going on for 88 cents :) .xyz, .press, .site, .website, .online, .pw, .space, .tech & .host are all 88 cents for a limited time.
  2. drmike

    MoveYourDomainDay 2016 Benefits EFF - TODAY!

    This is ongoing today until midnight eastern time: MoveYourDomainDay 2016 Protecting your rights to a free & open internet Use coupon MYDD2016 to move your domain for only $3.98 each. We'll donate to fight and protect online freedom for every domain transferred today. Help fight for...
  3. J

    What domain registrar you use

    Hi all, What domain registrar do you use?  Any of you have experience with freenom? The free domain registra offering .tk .ml and other domain names for free? Also about whois protection, namecheap only offer free whois protection for first year,. Which provider have free whois protection or...
  4. sv01

    Namecheap $5.88 Register & $3.88 Transfer

    Check it your self Namecheap supports fight for the future Fight for the Future is a nonprofit working to expand the internet's power for good. Namecheap is working with them to help save Net Neutrality. For every domain that is transferred or registered using...
  5. sv01


    Please be advised that as of 1 May 2014, Namecheap, Inc. (“Namecheap”) is in breach of its Registrar Accreditation Agreement (“RAA”) with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) dated 18 March 2011 (“RAA”)...
  6. fahad

    Hosting Related Domains for Sell

    I want to sell or get rid of these domains. I have bought these domains from Namecheap for starting Hosting business but i couldn't make it work. HostYourSite.BIZ (Fri 03/21/2014 - Sat 03/21/2015) Hostio.BIZ (Fri 03/21/2014 - Sat 03/21/2015) Notrace.PW (Sat 08/31/2013 - Sun 08/31/2014) I want...
  7. wlanboy

    Namecheap dns servers offline?

    Currently all of my namecheap hosted domains are offline. I am not able to resolve anything. Support is quite busy: Anyone knowing what's going on?