1. drmike

    Netbook beater for walking about and general outdoors abuse

    Collective intelligence gathering for hardware recommendation (hint we need a hardware section on here). Looking for a cheap beater netbook - older / used models are fine.  Should have good battery life (using in off grid environment with outdoors / dirt / sub optimal computing environment)...
  2. fisle

    Swapping screen in a laptop

    Hey guys! My girlfriend managed to step on her netbook - eMachines em350 to be exact, and managed to break the screen. What a surprise :P I bought her a new netbook, so here I am with half-functioning netbook. Now, as you probably know, the resolution on those things is hideous 1024x600. I was...
  3. vanarp

    Suggest a distro for my netbook

    I have a HP mini netbook with Atom N2800 processor and 2GB RAM. It came pre-installed with Win7 starter (32-bit) and it works great. With my itching to use Linux, I installed Linux Mint 13 (XFCE) as dual boot and it works fine. But I cannot feel it as smooth as Win7 runs. Running Linux Mint...