1. drmike

    The Great Netflix VPN Block of 2016

    Do we have Netflix users here? Others out there having issues connecting to Netflix recently?  Getting an annoying blocked message on devices.  Unsure if in my instance it dislikes VPN to remote server (which is a private IP and private VPN) or if my extensive block lists are contributing...
  2. nunim

    [BETA] SonicDNS - US DNS Unblocking Service

    Hello fellow VPSboarders! I'm sure you're all familiar with the DNS unblocking services such as UnBlock-US, Unotelly, Tunlr, etc..  Well I've recently moved to Canada and am missing my great US online content, I also didn't think it worth paying $5 a month for so I've decided to create my own...
  3. CraigA

    USAccess DNS Unblocking - Surf/Watch Blocked Content - $25/year vpsboard special

    Hello fellow members,   While this is my first advertisement post on vpsboard, I've been around the community for over 10 years.  I wanted introduce my new service to this community. USAccess is a new DNS Unblocking service based near Toronto, Canada.  Our DNS settings have been tested on all...