USAccess DNS Unblocking - Surf/Watch Blocked Content - $25/year vpsboard special


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Hello fellow members,
  While this is my first advertisement post on vpsboard, I've been around the community for over 10 years.  I wanted introduce my new service to this community.

USAccess is a new DNS Unblocking service based near Toronto, Canada.  Our DNS settings have been tested on all the popular devices; Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, AppleTV, WDLive, etc.  

What makes us different than the other DNS unblocking services out there? We know hosting and we know services.  Why pay nearly the same amount for a service to watch US Netflix as you are paying for the Netflix subscription itself?

We are offering our service to vpsboard members at the introductory price of $25/year.  That is less than half price of our competitors!  Start watching American Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and listening to Pandora Radio now!

Check out the website at and if its something you are interested use the link below for the yearly special. - $25/year

If you have any questions, please PM here or on IRC and I'll be glad to answer any of them.  You can also use the contact form on the website and one of our support staff will get back to you ASAP.

Happy surfing,


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What does your service do that tunlr or other free services don't?
When you pay for a service there is a level of uptime that is expected.

Tunlr had some downtime yesterday - but as its a free service there is no SLA.

With USAccess being a paid service I imagine there is an SLA as well as a guarantee of quality.

Your question is like asking whats the difference between any provider on this and; one is reliable and you actually get your service with an SLA, and one is a to harvest data from applicants. 


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What does your service do that tunlr or other free services don't?
To build on what WebSearchingPro mentioned above, this excerpt is taken directly from tunlr's website

We’re not aiming to provide a professional 24/7 service.
Tunlr is up when it’s up, and is down when it’s down.
We only have limited support for non-PC players.
Support is limited to the on-site forum where your questions may or may not get answered.

1) We aim to provide professional 24/7 service

2) Our servers are always up

3) We support almost every non-PC player available.

4) Support can be accessed via Live Chat or our ticket system and a response is guaranteed.

I fully acknowledge there are free services out there, but I also constantly see those services going down and people spending their time searching for a working solution.  With our service, there is no need to go seaching around.  We have not had any downtime since launching.  Some people don't mind downtime, and searching around trying to find working solutions.  Others would rather pay a small sum for guaranteed, professional service.
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Nice way to avoid the need for vpn.

Any plans to do this for the UK too?
Could you clarify your question?  I'll take a shot at it anyway.

Our service works world-wide, you can use it anywhere.  If you mean will we be enabling UK Netflix (for those on this side of the pond), it is in the works.