1. HalfEatenPie

    Networking Resources

    Howdy folks, So recently I've been working on getting to know more about Networking and routing.  However, anyone have some good resources starting from Networking for Dummies to some more advanced stuff?  I'm definitely assuming the certificate books from Juniper and Cisco could probably be a...
  2. HalfEatenPie

    The Network, The Internet, The Lone Server

    Hey guys! Recently I've been diving head-first into a more in-depth view on Network Monitoring.  However, I wanted to ask this question to the community. What do you consider network monitoring?  What's the scope?  Would you say network monitoring is reserved for routers and switches?  Would...
  3. HalfEatenPie

    Bandwidth Usage

    Alright folks! So I thought might as well ask...  What does everyone do that uses up bandwidth? The biggest offenders for me are mostly scientific data (previously) downloading and streaming netflix.  In terms of my Dedicated servers and VPSes, probably just routine backups and storage...
  4. LimestoneNetworks

    Limestone Networks Upgrades Entire Network Infrastructure, partners with Cisco

    Leading provider of cloud and dedicated servers upgrades to state-of-the-art Cisco data center solutions   Dallas, TX – November 25, 2014   Limestone Networks, a leading IaaS provider of on-demand cloud, dedicated and enterprise hosting services, announced today it has completed a major...
  5. S

    KVM on OVH/SYS using recommended configuration with Virtualizor & SolusVM

    Thank you for the appreciation on my previous tutorials. The network settings which I had used in my previous tutorial bypass what is recommended by OVH but they work perfectly. But some people requested for writing a tutorial with OVH's recommended network configuration so here it is :)  ...
  6. HalfEatenPie

    StyleXNetworks Going Out of Business

    Remember that LET host about a year or two back that offered the first five PM-ers a 256MB Free VPS Hosting for life??? Well...  they're going out of business at the end of the month. I mean, I'm not too surprised or annoyed by it because I wasn't paying for the VM, but it's a bummer seeing...
  7. Francisco

    Internet routing table breaks 512,000 routes

    Looks like with all the mass IP grabs as well as subletting of space, things have finally hit the 512K mark. Anyone on the raw end of an upstream router that ran out of route space? How do most routers handle route exhaustion? Does it still operate, just with a < full table? Or does it crap...
  8. Nikki

    Home Network Setup

    I'm pretty interested to see what other people have, I love complex home networks with a bunch of machines to handle whole-house streaming etc. Our network is pretty simple, just a basic Modem + Router + Home Server. Motorola SB6141 for Comcast, Asus RT-AC68W (White version of the AC68U -...
  9. Awmusic12635

    Fliphost + CloudShards Dallas Network Upgrades

    This is just a quick post to announce that we have just added PCCW to our Dallas network. We have already noticed major improvements in throughput to various locations. This marks the first of many upgrades planned for 2014, stay tuned!