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Hey guys!

Recently I've been diving head-first into a more in-depth view on Network Monitoring.  However, I wanted to ask this question to the community.

What do you consider network monitoring?  What's the scope?  Would you say network monitoring is reserved for routers and switches?  Would BGP and Peers play a factor?  What would you consider as external network monitoring?



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So whats network routing for me?


- Routing (so what path my packages go)

- Quality (ping and package loss%)

- Number of Hops

- Brands


- See if I get what I am paying for. 

  Both providers and datacenters do change the mix of their connections.

- See where problems come from

- Reserved?

Nope. Good routers do collect information but most of the time you do not have access to the routers who route your packages.

- BGP/Peers?

Yup - see what brands come into the mix of your provider

External network.

Basically to see the other way round. So how other networks route to my server.

Much more work and much more nodes needed to cover that.

But sometimes the client network does have the probs while your own datacenter is fine...