1. W

    RMM style central single pane control over multiple Windows VPS clusters?

    I am currently running 100+ Windows vps using only a free RDP client. I would like to expand quickly, and need better tools. I have been looking into RMM software like Desktop Central, VSA, Goverlan, etc that show data and alerts for all machines at a glance. Some even include overview modes...
  2. scv

    Providers - Let's talk about panels.

    Now that alternatives to SolusVM are both coming onto the market and being developed in-house providers are starting to make the migration. This also gives us access to a whole new world of opportunities including better integration into your environment. My question to all other providers are...
  3. concerto49

    Introducing Levarion: Billing/VPS/Dedi/Cloud Panel

    Announcement: Levarion serves as a base panel for a set of different modules: - Billing / Support - VPS - Cloud - Web Hosting - Monitoring - Dedicated Hosting - DNS - Many more - Will have an API to enable adding 3rd party modules   The Billing, VPS and Dedicated Module will be built...