RMM style central single pane control over multiple Windows VPS clusters?


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I am currently running 100+ Windows vps using only a free RDP client. I would like to expand quickly, and need better tools. I have been looking into RMM software like Desktop Central, VSA, Goverlan, etc that show data and alerts for all machines at a glance. Some even include overview modes with rolling snapshot of every machine along with visual representation of the ram, cpu, etc on each machine. They also manage software updates, allow for remote control over each machine, and have some "out of band" (beyond the OS) features in some cases like the ability to restart a machine and reconnect automatically (Things my RDP client can't do)

Meanwhile, my vps provider gives me access to a Solus panel. It lets me control power, reboots, etc, but is useless beyond that as each machine is on it's own page, etc. It's the opposite of all the things that make the RMM software so good.

So there must be something that does both... like a central command RMM solution that also directly controls a vmware manager, right? Can I rent a bare metal server somewhere, and run some software that divides it up into a bunch of virtual machines, then gives me good RMM tools to install all the software, monitor alerts, give me good visual overviews of the individual machines, and keeps my monitoring solution automatically connected at all times?

Are the latest VPS panels including RMM features? RMM software that controls VPS farms? Datascenters that provide tools to let me rent bare metal and manage the rest via their software? What's the solution here to give great control over whole network, and let me spool up additional clusters as needed and just have them automaticallly added to the central control infrastructure? Must at a minimum have quick at a glance ram and cpu per machine glance for entire network, quick, and easy access to each machine without clicking through pages, ability to set alerts, push updates,e tc.