1. HalfEatenPie

    StyleXNetworks Going Out of Business

    Remember that LET host about a year or two back that offered the first five PM-ers a 256MB Free VPS Hosting for life??? Well...  they're going out of business at the end of the month. I mean, I'm not too surprised or annoyed by it because I wasn't paying for the VM, but it's a bummer seeing...
  2. HalfEatenPie

    Windows System Administrator

    Hey all! So we are all familiar with Linux and Linux System Administrator work.  That's all fancy and dandy, but in a more corporate environment most user hardwares (and often more critical systems) are Windows based.   How's Windows System Admining?  What experiences do you have to share for...
  3. HalfEatenPie

    ServerHub Network Upgrade

    Well... Copying and pasting e-mails, butttt Cool!  Just want to know who they're adding onto their network.  
  4. HalfEatenPie

    VoIP and Phone Numbers

    Hello everyone! So I have a concept/idea that I'd like to ask your guys' opinions on. Goal - Send/Receive Phone Calls - Send/Receive Texts - Work on an Android phone So my current idea is to setup an Asterisk server and get a phone number from someone like Flowroute and use the Linphone...