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Well... Copying and pasting e-mails, butttt

This is an important message from ServerHub regarding Network Enhancement status.

We wanted to personally write to you to discuss the status of some exciting changes that are happening at ServerHub right now, in April we announced some very exciting changes that will make a major positive impact in the way you transact and use our services.

We have been working very hard over the past few months to get ready to introduce these changes to the ServerHub Network and we will begin the migration process in the coming weeks.

To recap, In Q4 2013, we put a plan into place to identify key issues, concerns and suggestions that our users had with the ServerHub Network, so we coul
d use this feedback to build the network of tomorrow around our customers, key issues to address were issues of speed, packet loss due to carrier issues and so on. During that quarter company executives sat down to discuss some of the issues and work on an extensive plan to bring forward a new experience. On April 5, 2014 we took possession of Brand New Juniper Routing Engines direct from Juniper for our Phoenix and Dallas Datacenter Core Network and began working on our migration plan.

This new network increases our capacity by over 15x the current capacity and enable us for significant growth in the Big Data field. We will be able to offer new offerings such up to 10GE to a server for high bandwidth availability, and even 40GE backbone connectivity using a single port.

We already have new transit providers currently connected to our Juniper network, and we are now ready to start migration over to our new network.

What to expect during the transition:

Over the next several weeks, select customers will begin to be migrated over to our new and improved ServerHub Network in phases. 
We do not expect any significant downtime issues when this process occurs. Additionally, not everyone will be migrated at the same time.

Customers will be moved over in phases, and customers will only receive notification when the specific service they are subscribed to is being scheduled for a move. This process will continue until all customers are moved over to the new ServerHub Network.

Key Enhancements:

Significantly Improved ping times between internet exchange points

Significantly Improved Internet Routes as a result of additional carriers being placed into our BGP mix

Full resolution of some historic packet loss issues that has occurred previously on the legacy ServerHub Network

Significant increases in transfer speeds between internet networks that transact with the ServerHub backbone
The above list is just a very short brief list of the enhancements that will be occurring with our major network enhancement.

This new network will make ServerHub one of the best in terms of network infrastructure, and again, I am glad we can all be a part of it.

Kind Regards,

The ServerHub Network Team
Cool!  Just want to know who they're adding onto their network.  


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Hey All,

Sorry for the late reply. We were at HostingCon 2014 this year in full force, a lot of key management went over to Miami for the conference.

To clarify, the information that we provided for the upgrades relates to our actual network and not Level3.

We are doing a significant upgrade to our network in the coming weeks (actually starting this Wed to be exact) 

In brief, we are adding over 160Gig total capacity to our Phoenix Network, as well as our Dallas Network over the course of the next few weeks and retiring our Cisco Backbone gear. 

In addition we are adding new carriers such as NTT, GTT, Zayo just to name a few.

If anyone has any questions about the upgrade let me know and we would be happy to clarify even further.

Cheers guys!