1. K

    Kontemplado - Your Hosting Metasearch Engine!

    Hi, All! Kontemplado Project was created for convenient search and price comparison. We are currently looking for 90+ Hosting Providers. We have a price comparison for services such as Shared Hosting, VPS (VDS), Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, CDN & DNS-Hosting. In addition, we have a...
  2. HalfEatenPie

    Dacentec New Price Schemes - Lowers Costs - Rent Only?!

    So Dacentec recently sent this email.  I removed the link (because I don't know if they want to hand it out or not?), but they're now selling Dual L5520s for 60/month on a rent-only model.  There are one-time buy-downs, which are $50 up-front cost for -$5 monthly, $100 up-front cost for -$10...
  3. fixidixi

    ssl for *.domain.tld pricerange

    Hy, I had an ssl cert for a few bucks for a year form alphassl. It was good for one domain and its subdomains like this: domain.tld *.domain.tld How should I reference those? :) //as ive seen all sorts of certs labeled as wildcard.. The other -important- question would be how much do...
  4. lbft

    Do you think brands are important in the VPS market?

    I was reading an interesting New Yorker piece about a consumer shift away from loyalty to brand names and towards seeking reviews and other information instead. It got me thinking: if you accept the premise that people don't give much weight to branding any more, how would/does that affect...