1. J

    Node.js tutoring - €150 for 5 hours, €250 for 10 hours (limited availability)

    I've been doing code review and tutoring for Node.js for some time now, and it's been a while since the last promo - so here's a new one! It doesn't really get any cheaper than this anywhere :) I'll keep it short; this is what's on offer: 5 hours of private tutoring, for €150 (ie. €30/hour)...
  2. J

    Learn Node.js for €100! (~5 hours of one-on-one tutoring)

    I've been doing Node.js code review and tutoring for a while now, and I figured I'd try my hand at running a promo.   So, for the coming week, I'm offering five hours of Node.js tutoring for only €100 (about $113 at current exchange rates).   That's €20 per hour, a 20%-60% discount over my...
  3. J

    Node.js code review and (private) tutoring

    After having helped people out in #Node.js on Freenode for a while, I figured out that I actually quite enjoy reviewing code and teaching people, and there aren't really any ethical concerns either. So... I've turned that into paid work :) The 'canonical' page with information about this is...
  4. B

    Any Ruby fans?

    So, anyone here use Ruby or RoR? I have been hearing a lot about it, and many suggested me to have a look, as its easy to code. But, I just went through the basics and put it there. I have tried deploying ruby apps, mostly diaspora and gitorious. Diaspora wasn't that hard, but never got...
  5. MannDude

    Good resources for strengthening beginner Python skills?

    I've dabbled with Python, having done about half of 'Learn Python the Hard Way' ( But due to time constraints, it's been well over a year since I've touched Python. I remember it being enjoyable, and perhaps it was the ADD in me found myself venturing off...