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After having helped people out in #Node.js on Freenode for a while, I figured out that I actually quite enjoy reviewing code and teaching people, and there aren't really any ethical concerns either. So... I've turned that into paid work :)

The 'canonical' page with information about this is here, but below is the same info for easier reading (slightly modified).


  • Node.js (also previous experience with Python and PHP, but not currently offering code review for those)
  • Application security
  • Actual code readability and maintainability, not just enforcing a style guide
  • Web-based applications primarily - mainly Express-based, but can also review other types of applications
  • Promises, map/reduce/filter, etc.
  • Scraping (from any source)
  • Unusual architectures and experimental technologies

  • I value readability above strict adherence to a style. I don't enforce style guides, but I will point out even tiny readability issues.
  • I review in stages. Every "stage" is increasingly granular. I'll start with general code style issues, incorrect indentation, etc. - then move on to modularization, and so on, looking at increasingly smaller issues. I will wait with the next stage until you've finished changing the issues found in the previous change - this makes it easier for you to recognize and understand the problems, and easier for me to review and not miss little things.
  • In general, I'm a perfectionist. I'll keep suggesting improvements until there's nothing left to suggest.
  • Where needed, I will write chunks of example code or refactor small parts of your code, to illustrate concepts and patterns.
  • I am very direct. I won't sugarcoat things, and will point out any problems I see. I may come across as hostile, but I'm not - I just want the best possible end result, as effectively as possible.
  • I will always provide rationale for suggestions. No "just because".
  • This is both code review and tutoring, really - I want you to actually understand why a change needs to be made, and will do my best to explain things in a way you understand them.


Both fixed-price and hourly rate are an option. Hourly rate generally ranges from 25 to 50 EUR/hr, depending on factors like project complexity, ease of communication and so on.

  • Fixed price: 50% deposit paid up front, other 50% after completion. Price is based on LOC and expected complexity, and will be set in stone after initial agreement - no later changes.
  • Hourly rate: upfront deposit in 10 hour increments - after 10 hours, a deposit for the next 10 hours, and so on. Remaining hours after completion are refunded. Note that time is rounded up per hour, regardless of the actual amount of work performed during that hour.
For hourly-rate work, the upfront deposit can be reduced if you're on a particularly tight budget. Of course, if you feel things aren't working out, we can simply stop the review and any remaining hours will be refunded.


  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • XMPP: [email protected]
  • IRC: joepie91 on Freenode (other methods preferred though - it's easy to lose track of PM windows)
  • ... or a PM on here, of course :)


Perhaps you don't really have any code to review, but just want to learn Node.js or a specific technology. That's also possible! Do note the following things, though:

  • Tutoring is on a hourly basis only. Fixed-price is not a possibility, because I can't reliably predict how long it will take for you to learn something.
  • You must be motivated to learn.
  • You can of course split up the hours any way you like, just make sure to schedule a 'session' at least 2-3 days in advance if you want to be sure of my availability.
  • Doing your own self-directed learning inbetween sessions is perfectly okay. I'd even encourage it.
  • I can also teach and answer miscellaneous questions about any other technologies I'm familiar with, that aren't directly Node.js-related.
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