1. TurnkeyInternet

    *All New* Best Value Deal : Dual Octa-Core 256 GB Ram Raid 10 SSD GigE BW Dedicated Server | Save Ov

    TurnKey Internet, Inc provides dedicated servers, colocation, web hosting, cloud, and virtual servers from it's company-owned and operated green datacenter. Since 1999, TurnKey Internet, Inc. has built a reputation of outstanding personalized service, reliability, and value. Owning our own...
  2. wlanboy

    Help building low-power server with e-sata raid

    I bought a ZBOX Mini PC and added a old 128GB SSD and a old 4 GB of RAM. Perfect setup for a small Windows-alike plattform. Main purpose is a running Windows 2012 R2 server for .Net / AD / IIS stuff. I really like the fan-less build and the low-power footprint of this bare-bone. But I would...
  3. HN-Matt

    What is your favourite RAID level?

    You can view the different levels and their various pros and cons @
  4. devonblzx

    A Quick Guide to RAID Levels

    There are some common misconceptions on RAID levels with their level of redundancy, etc.   I thought I would write a quick guide with some information on them. RAID0 Striped data.  There is no level of redundancy, any loss of a drive will result in a loss of the array.   Striped data incurs no...
  5. ChrisM

    The Pirate Bay Raided By Police, Site Down

    Looks like TPB was raided again. No doubt it will come back up as it always does. But is this signs of a possible end of TPB? Ref:
  6. Darwin

    3 ssd disk array, what raid level can I use?

    I am a software guy, not hardware one. Please forgive me if my question sounds stupid :) I'm thinking about renting one of those 3xssd soyoustart servers, but what I know about raid can be resumed in: raid1, 10 and that 5 is a no no for ssd. That said and looking for data integrity, what...
  7. clouds4india


    Greetings to all VPSBOARD members. VPSRAID Solutions aims to balance performance and cost being an economic option for clients to choose. We have experienced staff to handle all your queries. Our services are currently located with HostDime datacenter Orlando, Florida. We have incorporated on...
  8. Eric1212

    [Worldwide] Dell PowerEdge Tower Server - Dual Core Xeon - 2 x 500GB - Dell UCS RAID - 4GB RAM

    PHOTOS:   This item is in fair working condition, after being used for a few years in an office building (dusty, and some minor external scratches). Does not include any accessories nor cables. See photos for more info.      Intel Xeon 3050 2.13Ghz Dual Core Drives...
  9. Awmusic12635

    FLIPHOST | 2xL5520 72gb RAM 4 x 1TB HW RAID - $139

    Fliphost's aim is to provide powerful, yet cost-effecting hosting to our clients. We specialize in SSD based VPS hosting and now we have started offering dedicated servers. All of our servers are hosted out of premium data centers with bandwidth to match. We are fully IPv6 ready.   72GB Promo...
  10. elohkcalb

    HighPoint RocketCache 3240x8/3244x8

    Does anyone have any experience in using these cards from Highpoint? It looks interesting, reviews look good on desktop, and most importantly it's not tagged with a sky-high price. Now what I'm not sure is whether they are suitable to be installed on a server that runs a couple of virtual...
  11. V

    Software RAID vs hardware RAID

    I understand that a lot of people think hardware raid is superior to software raid, but is this still true with the advancements of modern servers? What are the benefits of hardware/software raid?