HighPoint RocketCache 3240x8/3244x8


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I haven't used them.

Highpoint has some interesting products and I have different cards in older servers that work flawlessly and as expected (just standard SATA controllers there).

The 3240X8 has some rather bad reviews and big red flags from reading some reviews.   Like non bootable drives.  See for reviews.

Assuming the 3244 is an updated version.  Highpoint seems to commonly do this upgrade renumbering and sells new and old models under two different model numbers.


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It's not really worth the effort if it's desktop and Windows. Onboard RAID by Intel is actually a lot better. There's caching and other tricks employed. Doesn't understand why it doesn't work on Linux - suspect lack of drivers support.

Once Haswell is out you'll have enough SATA3 ports too.