1. drmike

    Raspberry Pi Useful Distro List -Holiday Escape

    I know we have guys with Pi's and wide interests.  With the holidays, some of us actually get some peace and quiet, and it's a great time to get that idle gear you bought this year doing something useful.  Raspberry Pi's are probably sitting around unused by many of us, so I thought why not...
  2. drmike

    Note Taking Apps - Probably a rehash - Recommend some

    I've been using Tomboy for notes and snippets for a long time.  Used derivatives in Linux land and on Android, Tomdroid. See: Tomdroid is alright, but some ugly sucky bugs in it.  Second time in a month that my notes got wiped. I...
  3. drmike

    VPN service / provider recommendations

    Have the need for several VPN accounts. Emphasis on true and tried providers with good track record and established business.  Interest in privacy, lack of logging and multiple locations with a big enough IP pool. Anyone recommend companies that qualify that you have used / are using?
  4. drmike

    Monitors -- Features and What YOU Recommend

    In light of the other monitor thread, let's talk about what you recommend for current monitor models. What are the features you are shopping for? What sort of connectors do you feel are mandatory? Do you prefer the matte finishes on the screen over the very common highly reflective surfaces...